The KOAs have “Halloween Weekends” during September and October, where the whole campground goes all out.  People decorate their campers, there are costume contests, and of course trick-or-treating on Saturday night!

When I say they go “all out”…..

We started the morning with a little mini golf competition, followed by a magic show (that was really good!).

Rabbit out of the hat- impressive

We had originally planned on leaving Friday, but since there wasn’t availability at our next stop, and there was availability in our current spot, we stayed.  Which basically meant that I was caught off guard in the Halloween costume department, if the kids wanted to trick-or-treat, which, of course, they did.  Now, I am a crafty lady.  I couldn’t bring my craft arsenal on the bus though, so my hands were a little tied.  The boys were easy, they threw on their Harry Potter robes and picked out a mask and a weapon from the dollar store.  Ellie, on the other hand, was not so easily pacified.  She was determined to come up with something amazing.  (The crafting/creating gene runs deep.)

What’s a mommy to do?

It went sort of like this:

“You know, corn could be cute.  Like, corn.”

“Corn?  Hmm.  You mean like a stalk of corn?”

“Yeah.  Just like, you know, corn.”

“I like it.”

A trip to the farm stand next door plus some face paint, and we had corn.

Six bucks, y’all!

It was a total hit.  People loved it.  They thought she was supposed to be from “Children of the Corn”.  She was constantly stopped and asked for her picture, and some people put money in her trick-or-treat bag.  Bless her heart though, I basically tied it all onto her, and her shoulders were completely worn out by the end of the night!

These hologram decorations were really cool!


So even though it was almost three weeks before the 31st, it was certainly a Halloween to remember!

There’s also a competitive gene in there somewhere 🙂