Welcome to Martins Gone Mad!

Hey there, we’re the Martins from Richmond, VA.  We ditched the “normal” lifestyle (whatever that is), downsized, bought a vintage Greyhound bus, made it into our tinyhome, and hit the road.
Billy is a Voice Actor and works from his sound studio in the bus.  You’ve probably heard him on TV I roadschool the kids.  We try to stop at every National Park, famous burger joint, or legendary dessert spot we pass.  We’ve learned a lot, met some incredible people, and seen some amazing places.
We would be honored if you’d come laugh, cry, and go MAD with us!

Stop #32 – Benson, AZ

Moving east, we set our sights on Tucson.  But, the drive to Tucson was a little too far for one day (we move sloooooow, remember?).  Billy has a cousin who is a pastor in the little snowbird town of Benson, AZ so we decided to stop there for Saturday night.  This was an Escapees park, which we LOVE!  It’s member-owned, so it’s really well taken care of and there are a bunch of older people, which we also love.  They enjoy watching the kids play and chatting with them.  The campground was all full but they welcomed us into the dry camping lot, which worked just fine.

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RUN RUN TURKEY – A Thanksgiving-themed game created by the Martin kids!

Introducing RUN RUN TURKEY!  Ellie, Finn, and Deacon have been working hard to create a game using Scratch, a coding program designed by MIT.  Together they designed and created every image you see, and used code to make everything move.  Click the green flag twice to get started!  Please enjoy, and let us know what you think in the comments! Read More

Stop #31 – White Sands, NM

We decided to be in San Diego for Christmas, since Carrington could easily fly into the airport there from Richmond.  We thought it would be fun to then drive to Los Angeles, especially since her roommate lives there and would be home during their Christmas break!  The plan looked doable, but we had a lot of ground to cover before then!

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Carlsbad Caverns National Park

Our awesome campsite was only ten minutes from the Carlsbad Caverns NP entrance!

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