We spend a ton of time out exploring the areas we’re in.  Even so, there’s still a lot of downtime during the week.

Laundry must get done.

I have good helpers though!

All folded and put away!

We never turn down an open green space!

Liverpool vs. Liverpool, in case you were wondering

The kids love exploring the trails around our site.  Always exciting things to be found.  Usually gross things.  But exciting nonetheless.

We determined the remains to be a red fox. I’m glad I can offer Forensic Anthropology here at Martin Academy…

Deacon was fascinated with the teeth, which was funny because we have a friend who is an oral surgeon, and he always reminds me so much of a grown-up Deacon!

Even though we’re getting used to being on the move, it still feels like a permanent vacation.  I thought in the beginning that it was simply because we were in vacation-y spots like the beach, but the feeling has stuck.  I guess we’re still in vacation-like spots.  What can I say, we’re suckers for a good view.  Preferably one with water 🙂