Back when we were wrapping up bus projects and getting ready to leave, we had all the kids help us move extra wood into the junk pile.  Ellie dropped a huge board right onto her toe.  I will spare you the picture I took of it.  You’re welcome.

On our first night at Flanner’s, Deacon accidentally stepped right on it, causing it to bleed out everywhere (if this makes you queasy, I’m so sorry.  Try having to wrap the thing).

The following day we walked down to the river, and were wading along as I was talking to my mom on the phone.  Apparently I’m not up to date on flesh eating bacteria statistics.  She encouraged me to immediately douse it in alcohol and light it on fire wash it really well and soak it in hydrogen peroxide, and then keep her out of the river.

It has been healing, just very slowly.  Too slowly for her, to be sure!  She was finally able to start getting in the beach/pool at Myrtle, thank goodness!