We got back from Haiti ready to hit the ground running.  Okay maybe we were more ready to catch up on some lost sleep first.  Anyway.  The first order of business was to pick up the bus from the shop in Hopewell, and fuel up.

Billy was driving the bus, and I was following behind in our Explorer, since we still haven’t bought a vehicle that we can tow yet.  We’re getting there!

At least I had the dog for company

With that out of the way, we headed north to Billy’s mom’s house in Montross to pick up the kids.  (My parents had brought them up there mid-week.)  It’s always really hard to be away from them while we’re in Haiti.

Found them on the dock at Grandma’s!

We stayed at an RV park about fifteen minutes away called Harbor View.  It was mostly just RVs stacked in next to each other, but the pool was a delightful temperature, and it gave us plenty of time to hang out with Billy’s mom, Denny!

Half way in Maryland!

Half way in Virginia!

Our priority at this point was finding and buying a car that we could tow behind the bus.  Ideally we’d be near Billy’s dad so that he could take the Explorer, which he graciously agreed to babysit while we’re adventuring.  That meant that after only a few days, it was time to say goodbye to Grandma and make a Wednesday jump up to D.C.  We figured there would be more of a selection of used cars to choose from, which is important considering how persnickety the whole tow-vehicle thing is.

The boys were disgruntled about something so they were marching around the bus, hoping it would fall down like the walls of Jericho. It’s hard to go back to your parents when you’ve been spoiled by both Grandmas for a week!


I had to laugh at the rules at this pool.  Good luck enforcing that, guys.  At least the water was warm.  Bye bye, Harbor View!