We left New Orleans feeling like we had seen enough for this time around, though wanting to return one day.

We wanted to make it to Austin by Thanksgiving, and Crystal Beach looked like a cute beach town at about the half way point.  Plus it was near Galveston, and we love a good Glen Campbell song.

Taking over for Billy during traffic!

It did not disappoint!

It was a beautiful drive in!  We passed oil rigs and lots of cows.  I giggle every time we see cows out of the window, because it doesn’t matter if there’s one or a ton, someone will announce, “COWWWWWWS”.  We stayed at a small RV park with super sweet owners.  The laundry was FREE!  I might have washed every single thing in the bus.

There we are soaking in the sunshine!

You could only see a sliver of the beach from where we were, but it was a really quick walk to the shore.  We took the wrong thru-street the first day and walked into someone’s wedding – oops!

There was a cute little palapa (google it) where you could sit and watch the birds, and we loved having our coffee and tea there!

Speaking of birds, there were plenty.  Billy is not a fan of flying animals.

Here he is protecting himself from some “unidentifiable flying monster”

This bird was making quite the racket, I’ll give him that 🙂  You be the judge:

He’s also not a fan of other flying things and critters and bugs, in case you were wondering.  See exhibit B:


Hiding from “KILLER MOTH”

Annnnyway.  The sunsets were glorious at night.  We grilled out a lot, and got plenty of seafood during the week!