We made it to New Orleans!  Bring on the gumbo!  And jambalaya!  And muffaletta!  And… mosquitoes.

UGH yes, unfortunately the campground we stayed in was literally a swamp.



But oh man, we totally ate our way through this city!  Our top picks were Chef Ron’s Gumbo Stop and the world famous (for good reason) Central Grocery and Deli.

There was also a ton of history to explore.

Exploring the French Quarter

Imagine me FREAKING OUT while in Jackson Square, where they made the Louisiana Purchase – kids not nearly as amused

Ellie having a poem written by a street vendor

What the heck?!

We spent a lot of time just wandering around, looking at the architecture, and watching the ships come in.

We played tourist too and bought masks.  Well the kids did.  The one I wanted was larger than our microwave, in feathers alone.  Where would I put it?!  But I’m still fantasizing about wearing it to a party.  You know, a Fat Tuesday party.  Because I go to those all the time.