Continuing on south, we arrived in Huntsville, AL.  Seeing family on this trip has been the best part!

They brought dinner out to the bus as soon as we arrived!

My aunt and uncle live in Hazel Green, as does my cousin and her husband and two kids.  It was a blast hanging out with them all week!  A highlight for the kids was being introduced to BB guns.  I grew up with a homemade BB gun range in our attic (the only rule – don’t shoot each other or they go bye-bye), and of course my grandfather, who served in WWII, was fond of teaching us kids to aim and shoot (real) guns properly.  Growing up in suburbia though, my own kids have had little experience or practice.

When we weren’t hanging out with family, we made time for exploring Monte Sano State Park, where we were staying.  It was 1000 ft. above Huntsville!  It made for quite the overlook!

 We had a wonderful week hanging out together, eating together, and watching the kids play together!