Helllllo Cincinnati!

Our main point in stopping here was to A) Hit the Ikea and swap out our mattress topper (not the mattress pad that was on the roof of the bus in Toledo…) and B) See the Creation Museum and the Ark Encounter in nearby Kentucky.

We stayed at Winton Woods Campground, which is a county park.  We had a small lake view (you can’t see it in the above picture), which was nice.

The campground turned out to be so pretty!  There were a lot of trails, so the kids biked a lot, I ran a lot, and Karlee got a lot of nice walks!

Actually one of the walks wasn’t so nice, mostly because a park employee failed to put a “wet paint” sign on a freshly coated pole….

Beautiful yellow and purple. Go JMU?

With Ikea checked off our list, all that remained was to hit the museums!

I love you, Ikea

Oh.  And C) Eat Skyline Chili – how could I forget?!