We left Kingston early, filled up with gas, and were on our merry little way.

Oh fuel tank, why art thou so large? Ah, yes, so we don’t have to stop very often. Thanks for that!

Lake Ontario!

We found a sweet little spot about 9 miles upstream from the falls.  There was even a bike trail along the river!

The dog got sprayed AGAIN by a skunk in the middle of the night!  At least it was warm enough outside to give her another hydrogen peroxide-baking soda-dish soap bath.  There were other critters hanging around too.

The temperatures were beautiful during the day, but come nightfall we started to experience our first taste of fall.

There’s a human hiding under those warm covers

It made for some downright COLD early mornings!

Not that the kids would know anything about cold mornings, since they get to stay snuggled in bed whilst I get up and walk the old lady.  I’m actually not complaining.  These morning walks are so beautiful, and I’d be seriously missing out if I slept in!