We wanted to make it to Niagara Falls, which was too far for one day of travel, and the weather was playing along nicely, so we stopped for the week at the halfway point in Kingston, Ontario.

Despite looking promising in our initial research, internet turned out to be non-existent from our campsite.

Cell towers in the area – not many, but close enough to our spot to make us happy

Testing out our cell signal boosters

While Billy and Ellie ran out to look for poutine food, the boys and I walked around with the T-Mobile phone, AT&T jetpack, and the Verizon jetpack, testing out signals in different spots.

We found the only two sites with a decent signal, and ran to the front office to inquire about their availability for the rest of the week, since they both had RVs on them.  (I’m sure we appeared totally normal standing in their campsite holding our devices up in the air.  We’re good at seeming normal.  See above pic.)  To our relief, the spots were open as of the following morning.  Oh, and we got a major view upgrade.

It turned out to be one of our favorite campsites to date!  Even with all of the skunks.  (The poor dog got a good spray the first night, and it was SO gross!  It woke us up in the middle of the night!)  The views every evening were killer, and the kids spent the entire week fishing from the tree right on the lake.

It was nice to be able to keep an eye on them while I cooked!

There were plenty of trails to follow, and they even had a little “beach” where you could rent kayaks and boats.  I finally made myself dig out my running shoes and go for some runs.  Highs were in the 80s, which felt amazing.  I laughed so hard when someone called out, “You couldn’t have picked a hotter day to run!”  I imagine they’d probably melt if they had to endure a Richmond summer!