After two weeks exploring Maine, we finally felt like we had our fill and were ready to move on.  How gloriously awesome to be able to decide when and where to go!  With our successful Canada trip, we were feeling brave enough to conquer an extended stay with our northern neighbors.  Several people had mentioned Quebec City as a great destination, so we set our sights there.  It would be our furthest drive to date, at just under six hours (bus time: 9 hours).

Ready for takeoff!  If you look closely you can see Deacon letting the dog try on his headphones for the ride!

Q: Who won the battle of the narrow lane, Mis’Hap or the cone?

A: We did. Mis’Hap thanks the Maine Department of Transportation for her snack

After a very long trip that included a Moose sighting (finally! yay!), the door flying open mid-interstate, and the most horrific manure smell imaginable (due to field spraying), we made it to the Quebec City KOA.

Yes, I’m actually holding the door closed with a ratchet strap (and taking a picture of it)

You have never smelled anything like it

Driving into the city was SO COOL.  Everything was in French.  The kids immediately pulled up their Dualingo app to brush up on their French and make some notes on key phrases.  The whole country looks very European, only more spacious.

Welcome to France! Well, almost…

We picked the KOA because it was the closest to Old Quebec, and because they were more than happy to speak English (though I did try to get along using my French Creole, which they found somewhat amusing).

Good thing I know how to work the laundry machines, because the instructions wouldn’t have been very helpful!

After getting settled into our spot, Billy set off to find food.  In particular, we were after “poutine”, which is this delightful dish we had heard about made with french fries, gravy, and cheese curds.  Hearing the kids retell the story of Billy trying to order food off the (completely French) menu was hilarious.  The venture was, however, successful – and the poutine was delicious!!  We’re going to like this place 🙂