Saturday morning greeted us in typical Maine fashion.

We were thrilled to only have to drive for an hour!  Such a short drive!  What could go wrong?


I didn’t get a picture during the fiasco, but shortly before pulling off we realized that the poor dog had a fishing hook stuck through her lower lip.  I’m not all that squeamish of a person, but this was a little hard.  Karlee was a trooper though!!  We (and by “we”, I mean the brave neighbor….) had to remove it.  Billy clipped the barbed end off with the wire cutters and then said brave neighbor pulled it out.

We were hopeful that maybe the dogfish would be enough commotion for the trip and the rest of the hour would be uneventful.  Have I mentioned that I’m married to an eternal optimist?  He’s amazing 🙂

We took a little bit of a risk and booked at a place called Bar Harbor Campground, which is the closest campground to Acadia.  It was risky because it’s a first-come, first-served campground.  Being after Labor Day we weren’t really concerned about finding a spot, just about finding a spot with a view.

Mission accomplished

We had the rest of the day to explore Acadia, and it was BEAUTIFUL!

Second full rainbow of the day!

Thunder Cove – the waves rush in and they sound like thunder crashing

We drove up to Candillac Mountain for the sunset, but instead we got a sudden storm.  You could actually see the storm clouds approaching and starting to engulf the mountaintop.  It was fascinating!  We could see the cloud coming and then it was surrounding us!

What an experience – the kids will never forget being IN a storm cloud!