We’d like to interrupt our regular programming and give a shout out to the zip tie.  We’d like to thank the person who invented them.  And maybe hug them for a little while.

The wheel fender kept flapping around ever since the tire blowout, and we were afraid we’d lose it – zip ties to the roadside rescue!

Up the coast we drove, looking for moose all along the way.

About an hour from our destination we saw a big wide open gas station and decided to stop for fuel.  Just after we pulled up to the pump, another young couple pulled up to the pump right next to ours.  I went in to grab some snacks for the kids, and by the time I came back out, the guys had struck up a conversation.  They were headed to Acadia, along with their adorable baby daughter.  It’s always cool to meet people who are doing something similar to us.  They weren’t full-timing, but they had been on the road for several weeks and still had a couple to go before heading home to Arkansas.  We traded blogs so we could keep in touch, and realized they were also “The Martins”!  (Just the Arkansas Martins!)  On top of that, their daughter’s name was Ellie!!!  Two Ellie Martins on bus trips with their crazy parents!  (Sorry for calling you crazy, Cy and Rebecca!)  We snapped a picture to remember the encounter, said goodbye, and continued on our way.

That’s supposed to do that, right?

We chose a spot on the Schoodic Peninsula in the town of Winter Harbor, a little off the beaten path from the popular town of Bar Harbor.  Acadia National Park is on both Mt. Desert Island and also on the southern tip of the Schoodic Peninsula.

It was a small campground, only ten spots, and we were pleased as soon as we pulled in.

Yep, I’ll take that view

You could walk down to the shoreline, which was rocky and full of things to explore.

We debated driving to the main island to watch the sun set on Cadillac Mountain, but we were tired of driving so we opted to walk to the local seafood spot (it was fabulous) and relax for the evening.

Not bad – not bad at all

We were so happy to be in such a gorgeous spot for the week, and the weather forecast showed perfect temperatures.  We went to bed excited for the week ahead!