We were fortunate to find a campground very close to where we had broken down.  Actually, the kids ended up liking the place.  There were a lot of lawn decorations to take in.  We affectionately referred to it as “Shanty Town”.  There were some cool flea markets nearby, though not much else.

This was a cool swimming lake, though there were creatures swimming in it that we could not identify

Old school playground that the kids really enjoyed

The priority for the week was finding tires and having them put on.  By midweek we were done!  It was a lot less eventful than our last tire experience.

The only downside was that the tire they had brought us on the roadside was slightly too big (if there were four of them they would rub up against each other which would be bad), so we had to remove that one and put four (narrower) matching ones on the back.  Having the slightly bigger tire as a spare would have been great, except it wouldn’t fit into the spare tire compartment.  So now we have a $640 tire taking up lots of valuable space in one of the storage bays.  Maybe we can sell it to someone who needs a monster-sized tire swing.

The highlight of the week was getting a surprise package from my mom!

Hurry up and open it!

It was packed with clothes and activities for the kids, some mail from home, and lots and lots of chocolate for Billy and I.  Moms know just what you need.  Like traffic triangles and flares and chocolate after a stressful weekend 🙂

Non-highlights of the week included schoolwork being done by the fire, and Deacon getting lost behind the couch.

That brought us right up to Labor Day weekend.  We had to leave the campground on Friday because they were booked, and we had two days reserved in Freeport on Sunday and Monday, with the goal being to arrive in Winter Harbor, ME by Monday.  We did have some trouble finding a spot for just one single night during a holiday weekend, but we managed, and packed it up, hitched up the car, and hit the road!

This is the proper way to lock the arms of a Blue Ox Alpha tow bar, in case you were wondering