After Hershey Park, we were ready to be on the road again.

In my head, New York is New York City.  Or maybe Niagara Falls.  I forget that there’s a lot more to this state!

We wanted to make a quick stop for fuel (haaahahahahahaha), and took a wrong turn.  No big deal.  Except we tried to turn around and committed a fatal mistake.  We tried to back up with the Jeep still attached.  Both of us knew better.

Here we are, good and stuck in the Safelite parking lot

It took us about an hour and a half to inch forward, adjust the Jeep wheels, inch forward, adjust the Jeep wheels, you get the idea.  We couldn’t just disconnect, which we should have done in the first place, because the car wasn’t straight behind the bus.  We ended up hammering the pins out eventually.

After finally disconnecting, I followed behind Billy in the Jeep to the gas station, where we were able to reconnect.

A little worse for the wear, but still smiling!

Sign should read: New York… Eventually

Did you know that New York is actually very mountainous?

We can only climb the hills so fast. Like 30 mph.

With a little Taylor Swift blasting from the stereo, we finally crossed the state border!  Not too long after that, we arrived at the campsite.

Parked and pretty!

The following day was the eclipse madness.  This mom couldn’t snag any viewing glasses, despite all of her best efforts.  Rumors flew that someone up at the pool had a few pairs, so we scoped it out and sure enough, there was a sweet lady who was more than happy to share with us!

I felt a little guilty for not trying to make it into the path of totality, considering how mobile we are.  Not to worry, the feeling passed after about thirty seconds.  We really wanted to make it to Maine, and driving back south would have made it near impossible.  Eye on the prize, people!