We didn’t plan it, but we found ourselves smack in the middle of Amish country.  Horses and buggies!  Amazing butter!  And good grief, the ice cream!

We had to stay one night in a 30 amp spot before getting to move into a full hookup spot with a view.  Of course with 30 amps we have to make some decisions, like hair dryer OR toaster, microwave OR induction cooktop, etc.  If the weather is nice, and we don’t have to run the AC, then it’s usually fine, as was the case here.  We weren’t entirely prepared for dinner though, so almost every option required the use of more than one power-sucking device.  It was slow-going getting dinner on the table.  Then a big storm came through, blowing all power and dumping so much rain that you couldn’t even hear yourself think.  We ended up with cereal and string cheese for dinner.  They can’t all be five star meals, folks.

The rain finally stopped, and we went to bed in the dark.  In the morning we stalked the people in our future campsite so we could move as early as possible.  The back-in was a little hairy, since I was guiding Billy over the phone and my declaration that “you’re fine!” was apparently way too close to the edge of the cliff.

Oops.  This picture doesn’t do it justice.  We were seriously on the edge.  Billy only gets mad about once every year, and I’d say this was it.  He gets really quiet and doesn’t say much, but if you’re really astute, you can tell.

Scary arrival aside, we all felt great once we were safely in our spot.  Really great, actually.  That view!!

The kids had a blast going to and from the camp store, which was at the bottom of the hill.  We went with them a lot, mostly because the camp store had the most amazing local ice cream.  The hill was so steep, it made us feel like we were getting a workout, and therefore relieved the ice cream guilt.

Going down wasn’t even that easy because it was so steep!

Feel the burn!

The kids loved the arcade. For one of the weekly activities, the owners opened the arcade for an hour and let everyone play for free – it was so much fun!

There were some cool wood carvings that were made by a guy with a chainsaw.

The kids brought us surprises.

No thanks.

It rained again midweek.

Ellie, Finn, and Deacon all wanted to practice coding. I was laughing because between them and Billy at his desk, we looked like a corporate call center.

The sun eventually returned.

We ventured out a few times to scope out the countryside, though we preferred to just sit outside the bus and drink hot beverages 🙂 We were also planning a surprise for the kids at the end of the week, so Billy wasn’t able to be gone all that much.  (Hint: We were very close to Hershey, PA!)