Ellie here….. We arrived at our first campsite on May 31st.  It was called Flanner’s Beach, and it was AWESOME.  Each site was separated by tall, leafy trees that our dog loved to sniff around in.  There were fun walking/biking trails that took you deep in the forest and out again.  We found some steps leading to what seemed to be a beach, but was actually a river.  We found lots of dead jellyfish and crabs in the water and sand though.  We had lots of fun, nosing around the trails, getting lost, biking……. E.T.C.  A couple days into our big bus trip, we were exploring a biking trail and we hit a fork in the path, but one of the paths was barely visible, so we took the wrong one without even noticing.  It led to terrible bumpy roots (we had a hard time getting past them with our bikes), and small plants creeping out that could have been poison oak or ivy, so we eventually gave up and turned around.  Later we came back to explore the path with our dog and realized our mistake, and took the right path instead.  But then, small yellow bugs flew in front of our face, and we were out of there.  Later, when it was time to leave, we had to empty the poop tank (which dad was not happy about), and fill the water tank.  They hooked up a tube connecting the poop tank to this pipe in the ground that led to the sewer, while I sat in the car with Karlee, watching.  They each had a set of plastic gloves, and dad and the rest held the tube up while it dumped.  When they finally got to the water fill station for the water tank, they found that the water thing wasn’t working, and mom had used the rest of the water in her shower that morning, so there was no water in the bus.   🙁    But over all it was fun, despite our troubles!