My cousin John, his wife Lori, and their two kids live in San Antonio, so we took a day trip to hang out and scope out the city!  Lori was the sweetest hostess, after treating us to lunch, she took us downtown.

The (supposed) remains of Davy Crockett are in a tomb in San Fernando Cathedral!

We walked through Market Square, which is a cool Mexican market with shops and galleries.  Ellie picked up the cutest little marionette as a birthday gift to send back home to her friend, and the boys wanted these huge whips (negative!) but we left with a mini sombrero instead!

This is Beary 🙂

My mother had warned the kids that the Alamo was underwhelming, and sure it was small, but we still thought it was really cool!  We’re pretty familiar with the myths and legends of Davy Crockett and the Battle of the Alamo, but thank goodness for Wikipedia, because we needed a historical refresher.  Is that a thing?  Sounds like a bad cocktail.

The San Antonio River Walk

Later in the week Lori came out to the bus for dinner, with the addition of another one of my cousins, who lives in Richmond but just so happened to be moving to Austin THAT week.  Crazy!!

Cute little feet dangling!

My cousin Paula, me, and Lori

Seeing family has been one of the best parts of this trip.  We really loved being able to spend time together!

Billy has also been able to visit clients on the road, which has been fun!  Many clients have become friends over the years, including Mike, who has always raved about how cool his city was – and finally got the chance to prove it!  (They ate at Güero’s Taco Bar!)

Another sunset picture (because I have one from pretty much every day we were there!)