Niagara Falls

When we weren’t at The Bulk Barn, or the library –

Or playing soccer –

We were at the falls!  They were beautiful!!!  I had seen them several times, but for everyone else, it was a first!  They’re no less spectacular the fourth time as the first.

The area around the falls sure was commercialized.  It made me appreciate our public lands, and places like Acadia where the beauty has been preserved!

Like, seriously, what the heck is that

It was still incredible.

We didn’t look even a bit out of place taking selfies!

I made everyone trek up through the mist to see the water before it tumbles down.  Which is why you won’t see any more pictures of Billy, ha (mist is the enemy of good hair, you see).  We were all kind of really wet after that!

We went once at night because they light them up in different colors, though we all agreed they were much, much better in the daytime, with rainbows 🙂

2 comments on Niagara Falls

  1. Steve Frey says:

    “And you still made all the stops?” (had to get my Seinfeld ref. in there)

    Billy-Are you still doing your radio show? And, if so, what are the times and the radio call numbers?

    1. admin says:

      Hey Steve!!!!! No, I left Labor Day weekend, it was a lot of work to do on the road… But I am starting to miss it a bit!

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