We’re slowly setting up house!  Baby steps.  It’s not easy to focus with the beach right outside the door.  School is temporarily on hold, and there are no complaints there.

As “on hold” as a homeschooler can get, I suppose… there’s always some learning going on!

Ellie planting her succulents to decorate her bunk

Clothes storage! Hallelujah! The kids can stop living out of bins!

Definitely not going to stop exploring anytime soon (and thanks, Mom, for all of the pillows!)

We finally painted the glass on either side of our destination sign, and it looks SO much better!

Leisure time indeed!

It has actually rained a lot, so we’ve been sneaking in walks and trips to the pool whenever the sun pops out for a little while.  I sent the kids to the pool with Billy so I could tidy up and organize some bins, but they came right back since Deacon busted his chin on the edge of the pool.  He bit his tongue on both sides, poor kid!

He was quiet for about an hour because it hurt to talk — unheard of for this boy

The illustration of how it all went down

Walking up to switch the laundry from the washer to the dryer – I SO wish that the bus had a washing machine! Oh well, quarters it is…

In other random news, I think we’re making the dog even more gray than she already is.  She’s loving all the new smells and all the attention, but traveling in the car makes her nervous!  She’s a good old girl (just turned 13!), and Ellie has been a champ taking care of her!!

We don’t want to leave the beach!


Good morning!