The rest of the week was filled with more fishing and relaxing.  There weren’t any additional skunk visits, but there was still plenty of wildlife hanging around.


We took the ferry to Wolfe Island one day.  It was cool to see the wind turbines all over.  There wasn’t much to do on the actual island, so we just hung out with these folks and walked around until the return ferry came for us.


The kids caught a crazy amount of fish.

He is completely dressed, with socks and tennis shoes, in case you’re wondering

Finn also caught a leech, in his pants to be exact.

Ewwww!!!!  Get it out of the bus!

Think fast!

We met a sweet family on our last night (Hi Emma and Turner!), and joined them for a fire.  The guys talked video editing, and we talked school, kids, and laundromats.  It was cool to find people our age!  We said our goodbyes in the morning and packed it up to head south!