The Martins love Maine.

Well technically Carrington hasn’t weighed in yet, but we feel good about speaking for her on this one 🙂  There were some rainy days in the forecast, so the kids and I set out to do some indoors-ish exploring.

With a storm approaching, we decided to try and beat the rain and catch some good views down at Schoodic Point.

HUGE crashing waves

It was a success.  Stormy seas made for some amazing waves.

After hanging out there watching the water and jumping rocks, it started pouring so we drove up the loop to Rockefeller Hall.  It’s a beautiful building.  It was used by the Navy, starting in the 1930s, as the central building in the Naval compound to monitor encrypted communications.  After expanding the base during WWII and the Cold War, it shut down in 2002 in the face of a rapidly changing technological environment, and was turned over to the National Park Service.  Through a grant it was repurposed into a welcome center for the Schoodic Education and Research Center Institute.

And that’s your history lesson for the day.  You’re welcome!

Give a Martin a pair of headphones, and he’ll ask for some buttons and a microphone to go with it…

Practicing Morse Code

Once the sun came back out we biked down to the local library.  I know I’ve said it before, but we really miss the library!!!

By Saturday morning we had decided that we didn’t really want to leave Maine.  And because we live in a bus, we decided that we didn’t have to.  Yay!  We thought it would be cool to move over to the main island though, to be closer to the rest of Acadia National Park.

Let’s stay in Maine!

Sure gonna miss the view from her bunk bed though…

Maybe not gonna miss the “laundry” at this campsite…