Some locals recommended a nearby hike up to Buffalo Mountain, which is a Natural Area Preserve, and the only known place in the world where the mealy bug Puto kosztarabi can be found.  I know you’re jealous.

One way road up to the trailhead, with limited spots to pull off – thankfully we didn’t encounter any other cars!

The hike was only one mile, making it steep (with an elevation of 3,960 feet) but totally doable for small humans (instant gratification!).

The hike up was really fun, and when we got to the top – oh man, what a payoff!

It was absolutely gorgeous.  We saw eagles swooping, cars below that looked like ants, and clouds casting shadows over Floyd.

We didn’t see the elusive mealy bug, but honestly, none of us cared once we reached the top.  (Some of us didn’t care even at the bottom, but I’m not naming any names…)