Despite the heat, we’ve been out exploring a lot.  We found the waterfall Sesquicentennial is known for, along with some pretty rad climbing trees.

If you’re wondering, the sign at the end there facing the opposite bank reads “DO NOT CROSS” — oops

We also did a six mile bike trail that was gorgeous and nearly killed the kids.

Note to self:  bring more water next time.

Ellie says there will be no “next time”

This park is really, really beautiful.  It’s also close to everything, so we’ve been able to run out and pick up things that we still need for the bus (counting down the days until we can hit the IKEA in Charlotte next week).  Top priorities are running Billy’s microphone and headphone cables from the booth to his desk – they’re currently just placed along the floor next to the wall, but it’s a pain to sweep under them all the time.  Karlee needs a new collar (and a bath), and we need to hang a shoe organizer in between the booth and the bathroom wall.  We will have a tour of the bus for you soon!!!  Until then, enjoy the sunset!