Since we were at Endless Caverns for the week, we got to explore quite a bit!  We had to get a battery cable fixed on the Jeep, and there was basically one repair shop in town, so the kids and I dropped it off on Wednesday and set out to explore the downtown area a little bit.  There was a museum under two miles away, and since the weather was nice, we decided to go for it.  The lady at the town welcome center looked at me like I was completely nuts for setting off on foot, but I assured her we were feeling up for the exercise.

About half an hour in, I wasn’t feeling it anymore.  Ha.

See that teeny tiny little sign in the distance?  That was the repair shop.

But we made it, and it was worth it!

Like seeing a mirage in the desert

I was pretty impressed with this little museum.  And I’m happy to report that we survived the walk back!

We also got to explore Harrisonburg just a tiny bit.

Jack Brown’s!! We have one in Richmond but this is the original location!

Route 66 Potato Chips call New Market home, so we stopped in for a factory tour.

I’m thankful for the distractions of the week because the kids have been missing their friends and our old house.

This cutie pie is constantly asking for the nearest post office so she can send things to her friends back home.  I’m missing my friends too, so I get it.  Change is always hard.  The bus really feels like home though, and for that I am also very thankful.