*Billy says definitely biggest waste of money on the trip so far.

*Direct quote after passing the tenth ice cream stand: “If this were the REAL ark?  I’d be flippin’ tables like the Lord Jesus in the temple.”

Okay so I have to admit that my expectations were maybe a little too high.  First of all, everyone we had talked to had raved about it.  Like, literally everyone, Christians and non-Christians alike.  So when I found out it was going to be around $240 for all of us, I sort of shrugged and figured it would be worth it.

Well, it felt like a tourist trap from the beginning.  From the extra parking fees to the (heavily sold) extra add-ons (zip line over the animals!  See a show in the Planetarium!), to the giant push to eat at their special buffet, it was a little over the top for us.

Don’t get me wrong, it had a lot to offer.  The museum itself was fascinating.  I would’ve loved to have my pastor (hi, Corey!) walking through with us, to point out opposing viewpoints and such.

Adam & Eve

There was a small petting zoo where you could see some friendly dudes.

The ark was also fascinating.  It was really enormous inside.  I’ve always wondered if the animals could all have really fit, and seeing it answered that. (Absolutely, it was massive)

I appreciated how they were decently clear when they were taking a little bit of liberty with their artistic representations.  (Which they did, quite a bit.)

So I feel a little bad coming down so harshly on such a cool idea/place.  I just think it’s outrageously expensive.  When your price point is so high, you eliminate massive groups of people who would enjoy it.  It also gave off this impression (to me) of catering to people who don’t question their belief in the bible at all.  (Personally, I think you have to question if the bible is true at some point if you’re a Christian.)

I guess in the end I’m glad we went, but I’d just like most of my money back 😉