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Stop #28 – Austin, TX

Austin is one of the cities we were most looking forward to visiting on our trip.  We had heard really good things, and of course it’s home to Franklin BBQ, and that had Billy really excited.  We had a pretty long drive from Crystal Beach, and we added to the length by throwing in a stop at the Houston IKEA.

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Galveston, Oh Galveston…

Crystal Beach is on the Bolivar Peninsula, which is northeast of Galveston.  We actually had to take a ferry to get there, but it was really fun, and free!  You just drive onto the boat, and then you can get out if you want while it’s taking you across.  The seagulls know what’s up and they’re all over it.

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Stop #27 – Crystal Beach, TX

We left New Orleans feeling like we had seen enough for this time around, though wanting to return one day.

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Jean Lafitte and More NOLA!

French pirate Jean Lafitte has a national historical site named after him, and we spent some time learning about him and the history of New Orleans in the French Quarter Visitor Center.

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Stop #26 – NOLA

We made it to New Orleans!  Bring on the gumbo!  And jambalaya!  And muffaletta!  And… mosquitoes. Read More

Another Birthday Boy!

November 4th was Finn’s birthday!  (Yes, I know I am SO behind on this travel log, I’m working on it!)  He turned eleven, which is just unfathomable to me.  He was so little, like, yesterday!

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Blue Angels

Holy smokes.  We got to see the Blue Angels practice!!  WOW.  It was so freaking cool!

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Stop #25 – Navarre, FL

We were really ready for some warmer temps, and also ready for some sand!  We wanted to head to New Orleans next, but it was too long of a drive for one day so we decided to break it up with a week at the beach 🙂

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Stop #24 – Huntsville, AL

Continuing on south, we arrived in Huntsville, AL.  Seeing family on this trip has been the best part!

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Stop #23 – Mammoth Cave, KY

We set sail Friday, thinking Let’s go south!  There had been some cold mornings and we weren’t feeling it.

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