So technically every weekend is camping weekend for us now, but I’m referring to an annual tradition we have to camp at Pocahontas State Park with three other families.  It was definitely different this year since we weren’t tent camping!  We couldn’t get sites that were right next to each other, so we had to settle for being on the opposite side of the camp store from the others.  It was wonderful to see our friends!!!

This air mattress met its untimely end, so the kids got to play with it

Trash duty for the girls!

It also worked out that Carrington could come for part of the weekend!!!

It’s Carrington! In the bus with us!!!

It was so good to see her!

Sparkler fun

Gluten-free chocolate chip pancakes made over the fire!

We swapped children one night so the girls could all have a slumber party in the bus – Ellie was in heaven with her friends AND her sister around.

Rise and shine, ladies

With camping weekend over, the rest of the week was spent shuttling the kids to see friends, taking everyone to various appointments, and preparing for our Haiti trip.  We also had friends stop by to see us, which was a lovey break from all the prep work!

Testing out new birthday presents – Thanks for the hammock, Nana!

Getting an updated rabies shot – Hi, Dr. Fulton!

Getting checked for a nasty looking tick bite – everything was fine 🙂

Friends for almost twenty years!

Boxes of stuff to unpack, then pack, and then bring down to Haiti

Finally everything was ready, and Billy and I dropped the bus off in Hopewell to get work done while we were gone.

We think you’re special, too!

We said goodbye to our fair lady, and then went to spend the night at my mom and dad’s house before catching our morning flight!  Adios America!