Holy smokes.  We got to see the Blue Angels practice!!  WOW.  It was so freaking cool!

It was LOUD.  Those jet engines!  The stunts were incredible.  I was holding my breath for most of them, and a few I couldn’t even watch.  They would disappear for a minute and then come flying in from another direction.  They practice a few times a week, and then the pilots sign autographs right next door at the National Naval Aviation Museum.  The museum was fabulous, with lots of vintage uniforms, historical documents, and of course, planes!  We got to see an NC-4 (first to cross the Atlantic by air), the Que Sera Sera (first to land at the South Pole!), and our favorite, a Curtiss P-40 Warhawk!

The boys got little model airplanes and spent the rest of the day flying them around the bus!

I can’t get over the skill of those pilots.  We won’t ever forget watching them fly!