I’m glad we caulked the roof, because for the next few days it rained on and off.  Billy’s dad came down from Front Royal to stay with us, and we had such a great time.

The kids were thrilled to have Grandpa in town.  He took them to the store and got them all set up with fishing gear for our trip!

Casting lessons

Don’t let the sunshine in that picture fool you.  It poured.

And poured.

Rain or shine, we still had a birthday boy who was ready to turn EIGHT!  Deacon is awesome.  We all agree that things would be pretty dull without him.

A birthday message from Spark Man

My mom (who has mad crafting skills) took care of the cake, which was fabulous because I haven’t tried to bake anything in the toaster oven yet.  Except dinner.  But dinner behaves differently than dessert.

Snake cake!

Yep, it’s confirmed – eight is great!

Billy’s mom sent his birthday money in $1 bills, for easy spending at the camp store

Obviously he found that very amusing – “And a one dolla-bill and a one dolla-bill and a one dolla-bill!”