Cooperstown is home to Cooperstown Dreams Park, a huge Little League mecca.  We’re not all that into baseball, but we like it enough, and we had fun walking around the park one evening.

Go team! Whoever you are!

We also toured a local cider mill, which was fun.  After some not-so-subtle hints to the front desk that we were from Virginia, and liked our pool water warmer than 75 degrees (brrrrrr!), the pool at the campsite was warm enough to swim a little bit.

By “warm enough” I mean warm enough for the boys. I require the water to feel like a bath before I stick more than a toe in!

There was also a dog park on site, which was really nice.

13 years old? You don’t look a day over 11, Karlee!

We couldn’t move on Saturday because Billy had a conference call for Hope United Haiti.  We did have to be out of the bus for it, though!  Thankfully I knew just the thing to occupy our time.

Sheep dog trials!!!!

It was incredibly cool to see in person!  Such talent and skill, both the handlers and the dogs!

The weather couldn’t have been more beautiful, either.  In the evening, it was time to pack up to be ready to move in the morning.  This bus adventure requires a lot of work.  I imagine it’s similar to running a farm.  Everybody has to pitch in, or the whole operation falls apart.  If I have to remember to take the trash to the dumpster and pack up the outdoor trashcan, then I will forget to close the bay doors properly.  If Billy has to remember to bungee the kitchen cabinets, he will forget to shut the valve to the grey water tank.  There’s simply too much that needs to be done.  So, to make sure it all gets done, I sat down and made some lists.  Each kid has a card with their arrival duties and a card with their departure duties.

This has been a huge improvement.  There’s much less reminding going on (on my part), and a lot less nagging (who else nags?).  I told them I would be adding things as we go along, since things change depending on the weather, how long we’re staying at a given place, and the general set up of our site.

Feeling awesome about myself, and like we might just have this whole bus thing figured out (did you pick up the foreshadowing there?), we woke up the next morning, hitched up, and prepared to hit the road to the next stop, just south of Providence, RI.

Adios, New York!  My carriage awaits!