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New Brunswick, Canada

Sunday we decided to take a day trip to Canada.  My desire was to hit Lubec, Maine, the eastern most point of the U.S., and also to see Campobello International Park, FDR’s summer home.  Billy’s desire was to test out the internet in Canada with our new T-Mobile service (we already have AT&T and Verizon but they weren’t ideal for an extended stay in Canada).  The kids were really curious about crossing the border.

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Aaron Franklin, of PBS fame, is THE bbq king, and his famous bbq joint is in Austin.  This was Billy’s #1 on places to visit for the entire trip.  Billy started smoking meat after watching his show and receiving Aaron’s book from yours truly last Christmas.  He may or may not keep it on his bedside table next to his bible.  We had been really bummed because their pit room suffered a fire in August, and was closed until further notice.  BUT… luck was on our side, and they reopened the Tuesday before Thanksgiving!!

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You guys.  The adjectives do not even exist to give this store its due praise.  We went at least four times during the week.

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Stop #26 – NOLA

We made it to New Orleans!  Bring on the gumbo!  And jambalaya!  And muffaletta!  And… mosquitoes. Read More

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