Our sweet Ellie was the first to have a birthday on the bus!

Definitely had to bring some of our favorite birthday decorations with us

She wanted to cut her hair a little bit, since we’re outside so much on this bus adventure – it was getting a little unmanageable!  I’m so thankful for Yelp, I was able to find a hair salon with good reviews that could fit her in.

She likes her mama’s birthday cakes, but was willing to try a local spot this year, since we’re on the road.  I did bring everything I need to bake, but I haven’t tried yet!

Happy birthday!

About two days into our time at the first Myrtle Beach park, we were sending the kids off to the arcade by themselves.  After giving them the stranger-danger speech, and reminding them of all the rules like never leaving with anyone, only using the bathroom together, etc., we sent them off and decided right then and there that Ellie was going to get a phone for her 12th birthday.  This is coming from someone who was determined not to allow a phone until, like, 15 or something.  I don’t think small kids need phones.  Seriously, why does a young person need the entire interweb in their little pocket?  (They don’t, in my opinion)  So I had reservations for sure.  However, she’s had an ipod touch for a few years, and is very, very responsible with it.  She always asks before sitting down to catch up on texts, always keeps it safely in her bag or in my room charging, and only uses Mobicip as a browser (kid safe), always after asking first.

All that to say, I never thought I’d be the one driving the boat to get my little person a phone.  And be so relieved about it!  With them exploring so much, it just makes me feel better, knowing she can call me if they have any problems, or if Deacon isn’t listening 🙂

Needless to say, we had the element of surprise on our hands.  She wouldn’t even dream of asking for a phone for her birthday, since she knows how I feel about them.  Or how I usually feel about them anyway.

And that’s a wrap on bus birthday #1!