Stop #32 – Benson, AZ

Moving east, we set our sights on Tucson.  But, the drive to Tucson was a little too far for one day (we move sloooooow, remember?).  Billy has a cousin who is a pastor in the little snowbird town of Benson, AZ so we decided to stop there for Saturday night.  This was an Escapees park, which we LOVE!  It’s member-owned, so it’s really well taken care of and there are a bunch of older people, which we also love.  They enjoy watching the kids play and chatting with them.  The campground was all full but they welcomed us into the dry camping lot, which worked just fine.

Driving into Arizona

Super cool rocks!!

Maybe just a parking lot, but wide open and an excellent view of the stars!

There was a nice dog park and a huge washout to walk in.

I swear I heard a, “beep beep” sound – which is what Roadrunner says while flying by Wile E. Coyote – and then a few minutes later saw an actual roadrunner… I’m still wondering if I heard correctly?!

They also had a great rec room.  The kids and I did a puzzle and played some games while chatting with the residents, and then cleared out since a concert was starting.  They really live it up at this park!  I spent the rest of the evening living it up in the laundry room.  Just another wild Saturday night!

This anatomy bingo game had me totally geeking out!!

Billy and his cousin hadn’t seen each other in, oh I don’t know, twenty years?  But that didn’t stop us from showing up at his church on Sunday morning.

It made for a fun surprise!  I had never met Mike or his sweet family!

We hung out for as long as we could, then it was time to hit the road again!

We did hit a snag on the way out.  Ordinarily I pull up the Jeep right behind the bus, put the parking brake on, and turn the engine off.  Then Billy and I hitch the two together and connect the light cable, brake cable, and two emergency cables.  Then I release the parking brake and we push the Jeep backward to lock the tow bar; I make sure everything looks right as he starts to pull forward, and finally I jump in and we’re on our way.  This time, we noticed that we were on a little bit of a downhill slope, but nothing too major so we proceeded like normal.  Bad idea.  As soon as I released the parking brake, the car rolled forward, thus NOT locking the tow bar.  We weren’t sure how to fix it, so Billy pulled forward slowly and the whole car slid awkwardly to the side.


We managed to unhook everything, then went down the road a little bit in search of level ground.  That did the trick, but honestly I’ve been a nervous nellie ever since when it comes to hooking it up!!  We were glad to be on our way after that incident!

3 comments on Stop #32 – Benson, AZ

  1. Steve Frey says:

    Very happy to hear from you again during your incredible journey. What’s the plan Stan? Where are you guys going to and for how long? This is a happy message like from an old friend.

    Note: Jen, do you have a travel map of the chronological route you have taken from the beginning until now and is it Instagram convertible?

  2. Steve Frey says:

    Billy and Jenn and the kids, Ellie, Deacon, Finn-Hey you guys, today is Thursday the 30th of May, 2019, and I saw your two boys on the trampoline earlier. I would love stay friends and keep in touch with you guys. Could you give me your number Jen or Billy or both if you don’t mind me asking? I would really like to keep you guys in mind as friends. You were the best neighbors. Send to my email address stevefrey@rcn.com if it’s ok. I thought that white SUV was familiar but it could have been a rental when I jogged by there earlier today. Are you guys done with your two year adventure? What a job you did first with the conversion of the bus to a first class mode and most important, taught your kids more in those two years that I don’t think public school could give them. As well as you and Billy. I hope you keep in touch. Buy for now.-Steve (804) 937-0977

  3. Steve Frey says:

    or email address. Oh, my address is 11204 Cedar Post Place, Glen Allen, VA 23060

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