We decided to be in San Diego for Christmas, since Carrington could easily fly into the airport there from Richmond.  We thought it would be fun to then drive to Los Angeles, especially since her roommate lives there and would be home during their Christmas break!  The plan looked doable, but we had a lot of ground to cover before then!

Next up was Alamogordo, a town known for White Sands National Monument.

Here’s a visual of where we were on a map, leaving Carlsbad on the way to Alamogordo!


Can’t forget to stop for road food along the border 😉

I can’t even remember how I heard about it, but oh geez what a cool place!  You can actually SLED down the world’s largest gypsum sand dunes!


We had such a great time!!

Our campground (which was nothing to write home about) was only ten minutes away so that made it easy to go back for the kids to get their ranger badges.  Although, they do missile tests at the White Sands Missile Range along the stretch of highway that leads there, so that had the potential to set us back a long time, but no tests happened while we were there (that would’ve been cool to see!).

If you ever go through southern New Mexico, promise me you’ll stop at White Sands!