Toward the end of the week at MB Travel Park, we had some traveling arrangements to deal with.  We had booked a week in late June at Coastline RV Park (just south of Tallahassee), back when we had no idea what we were doing 🙂 The plan was to try and make it to the St. Augustine area with the next move, putting us within easy driving distance of the new park, however that left us with quite a distance to get back to RVA by the second week of July.

 With a quick phone call we learned that we could postpone our Coastline reservation-yay!  The kids were more than happy to not have to travel so far, and the consensus was also, not surprisingly, MORE BEACH.  We found another resort-style park about half an hour down the beach.  It was another splurge ($80/night – honestly, that seems high to me considering we’re bringing our own house!!?), but it was ocean front and it did have an outdoor pool with huge water slides, an indoor pool with hot tub, paddle boats, canoes and kayaks, and a putt-putt golf course all free to use during your stay.

Hole-in-one for Finn!

Hole-in-one for Ellie!

Hole-in-one for me!

My mom also drove down for a quick visit!!  It was so nice to have her even for one night!  She brought down some things that we needed, and took home a car full of stuff that we didn’t.  It’s so nice to have some extra space freed up!

Don’t leave!

Karlee has been mostly okay on the trip.  In her old age she has had some incontinence (okay a lot, ew), so at our old house she became an outside dog.  Storms freak her out, so for Christmas she got diapers (what a gift) so that she could come inside.

Her inner lab coming out – she likes the water

We did have an unfortunate event while my mom was visiting.  After being at the pool for most of the day, we were all starving.  Mom wanted Italian, so we all got ready to head out.  Up until then we had been leaving Karlee at our site on the tie-out, and she had been fine, but of course we were always nearby and never gone long.

The current setup with her in one of the bays – she seems to love it when it’s raining or really hot, but otherwise not so much

Well, I wasn’t sure what to do with her on this trip, since technically you aren’t supposed to leave them unattended, and with storms in the forecast, I was afraid she might start freaking out and barking and draw some unwanted attention.  So my solution was to put her in the portable crate, in a diaper, in the bus.  Not a good solution.  She bit her way out of the crate before we had even loaded up in the car.  On to the next solution.  In her regular crate, under the bay.  I’d tried this once before and she carried on barking so loud that I had just moved her to the tie-out.  But, she seemed decently happy, so we gave our cell phone numbers to our very, very sweet neighbors, Wayne and Lizy, who graciously agreed to call us if she started causing trouble.

So naturally, she caused trouble.  Ten minutes into dinner we get this text:

Having gotten the message about fifteen minutes after he had sent it, I called twice; but, no answer, and I finally just texted him back.  Turns out he didn’t answer because things had gone downhill.

After stressing for a few minutes and wondering if I should just go back, I figured he probably just brought her over and that things were fine.  Wrong.  Next comes this:

Yeah I had forgotten to take her diaper off.  Wayne later described the situation as “a caulk gun job gone horribly wrong”.  Oh my gosh I was so mortified.  We boxed up our barely-touched food and left as quickly as we could.  It was a twenty minute drive home but it felt like an hour.  We apologized profusely, to say the least.  And also made them brownies.  Moral of the story:  just don’t camp next to the Martins.