We are trying to travel mostly on Saturdays, so after three nights at Flanner’s we decided to head toward Myrtle Beach.

(We need to be back in Richmond by the second week in July, and even though our plan is to follow the 75 degree mark, 75 degrees in June is pretty much right in Virginia.  Despite the fact that it’s already pretty hot down south, we happen to love the beach, so beach became the plan for our first little June/July leg of the trip.)

We splurged a little (compared to the typical $20ish/night at state parks) and found a spot at Myrtle Beach Travel Park, which is a “camping resort” directly on the oceanfront.  Here was our view from right outside of the bus:

Pretty close to the ocean!

The upside is that these camping resorts have stuff to do (this one had a pool, lazy river, arcade, playground, etc.) – the downside is that you’re literally stacked in next to other people like little sardines.

Tightly packed in, one RV after another! No other buses to be found!

Definitely not as private as a regular state park site, but it was only for a week.  After arriving and hooking up, we biked up to the arcade, played a few games, and rode back to our site with some food.

Cue the sparkling cider toast! Only missing Carrington!

We got the dog all set up, rearranged some bins, took an evening walk down to the beach, and then collapsed into bed.  I won’t lie – it’s really exhausting traveling.  Soon we hope to be towing a vehicle behind us and have everyone riding together inside of the bus, but we weren’t able to get that done before we left.  (We happen to own two Fords that were made prior to 2009 – way prior haha – so they aren’t able to be towed.  We only learned this a few weeks before leaving, so we didn’t have much time!)  *If anyone knows of a towable car for sale, please by all means, let us know– we hear Jeeps are the easiest cars to hook up and tow, but if the manual says we can tow it and the miles are low, we’re in.  Oh and it needs to be kind of cheap.  Because I’m a cheapskate.*