Crossing the border to Maine felt like a mini-victory.  With so many changes to our plans (like having to go back to Christiansburg for the hitch work, having to stop for the tire debacle, etc.), making it to Maine by the time summer ended sometimes felt like a pipe dream.

A brief drive through New Hampshire brought us to the border.

Gotta watch out for that lateral wind up here in Maine…

First on the priority list was a lobster roll.

Followed by whoopie pies!

Maple = winner

Our campsite, Cedar Haven, was just a few minutes from the center of Freeport.  L.L.Bean owns this town.  They do a ton of great things for the community.  We had fun walking around the downtown area and their flagship store.

Bruce Hornsby was even playing in the main square!

Freeport was very dog friendly, too!

Our first impression of Maine was that it is just as beautiful as everyone says.  I was a little worried that our expectations were too high, and that in real life it would fall short.  Nope!  It really is gorgeous.  There is water everywhere, and it’s so beautiful and crisp looking!  The air feels cool and clean and fresh.

After two (rainy and power-less) nights we were ready to move up to Winter Harbor and Acadia National Park!!!