We were pretty close to Shenandoah National Park, so we went during the week!  The kids were stoked to get their second Junior Ranger Badge.  We went to Big Meadows, near mile 51.  When we got there, an actual Junior Ranger Program was about to start, so we joined the group.

The program was focusing on the Salamander, and started out with a few games.  The kids were mortified.  They had to act like Salamanders, but with a Junior Ranger Badge on the line, they were determined.  The ranger did SUCH a great job with all the kids, and my big kids were barely concealing their eye rolls.  Billy and I were dying, it was hilarious.

With pledges said, and badges awarded, we got back in the car to head back to the bus.  And we were completely out of gas.  Ugh.  Turns out that the gas light on the Jeep turns on (in my opinion well) before the needle gets near the red.  In my head I figured we had at least ten miles.  If only there was a single gas station anywhere close.

It was a tense drive.

We cruised down the mountain in neutral for much of it.  28 miles we drove until finally coming to the nearest gas station.  We were sputtering, y’all.  Sputtering.  We were very glad to be fueled up and on the way home!!