Welcome to Martins Gone Mad!

Hey there, we’re the Martins from Richmond, VA.  We ditched the “normal” lifestyle (whatever that is), downsized, bought a vintage Greyhound bus, made it into our tinyhome, and hit the road.
Billy is a Voice Actor and works from his sound studio in the bus.  You’ve probably heard him on TV I roadschool the kids.  We try to stop at every National Park, famous burger joint, or legendary dessert spot we pass.  We’ve learned a lot, met some incredible people, and seen some amazing places.
We would be honored if you’d come laugh, cry, and go MAD with us!

More Flanner’s Beach

More pictures of our three days at Flanner’s Beach (which is actually the Neuse River basin)

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Poop Tank = Ew

So here is the aforementioned black tank dump.

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