Oh we do love a good amusement park.  We snagged two-day tickets, and Billy took Friday off, so all that stood between us and “The Sweetest Place on Earth” was a thirty minute car drive.

Oh but we had to stop around the halfway point because we had forgotten to put the trash in the dumpster back at the campground.

Whoops. How did they not fall off?!

So after dumping our garbage in some random church dumpster, we were on our way again.  I loved the kids’ reactions once we realized the bags were still hanging off the back of the car.  They just rolled their eyes like “Oh my gosh.  My parents have got to be the most ridiculous people on the planet.”

We decided to bring Karlee and make use of their “Barking Lot” kennel.  Ellie wasn’t too keen on the idea.

I was a little nervous too, but it was nice to know she was safe.

It was a really nice park, we were impressed!  There were a ton of rides.

A favorite!

The kids were on their own for this one, my head was already spinning from the other rides!


Deacon thought this was candy and ate it before we could tell him it was actually for the ducks

We had a blast, and the lines weren’t too bad.

And I’m happy to report that Karlee did great.  She was happy to see us every time we went to take her for a walk, and also happy to hop back into her kennel.

At the end of the second day we took the Hershey factory tour.  Billy would like to add that he loved Hershey Park, and then felt let down by the fabricated factory tour.  He would like for them to keep their singing cows, thankyouverymuch.

Sure it wasn’t the real factory but I thought it was cute! And cheers to Milton Hershey, he did so much for his community!

We left thoroughly exhausted and sugared out!!  Thanks Hershey Park!