Endless Caverns (and Endless Caverns Campground) is named so because of the caverns that are right on site.  With all the other stuff we did during the week, we almost missed all of our chances to see them.  We made the very last tour on Friday, and we had an awesome tour guide.

He got the kids nice and scared before we went down.

I haven’t been into caverns since I was a kid.  These were so vast and beautiful.  Our guide taught everyone the difference between stalactites (that are hanging on tight to the ceiling) and stalagmites (that might be up there one day), and pointed out tons of other cool features.

The coolest part was when he had taken us deep into the cave and we got to experience complete and utter silence.  Then we also got to experience complete and utter darkness.  Freaky!

It stays 55 degrees down in the cavern year round.  We weren’t very prepared so we huddled tight for a good chunk of the tour.  (Read: The boys tried to shove their FREEZING cold hands up my shirt and around my waist to stay warm – SO COLD!!!)

The next morning was Billy’s birthday, and time to move again!