We spent the rest of the week shopping (excellent conversion rate, woot woot!), doing random bus projects (remember the door/ratchet strap picture?), and checking out the Hergé exhibit at the Musée de la civilisation.

Canadian Tire is the Walmart of Canada

Everything is better in French

Shopping with my girl – we LOVED Simons!

Does it look like we know what we’re doing? We have no idea what we’re doing–

The Musée de la civilisation was awesome!

Finn LOVES Tintin, he couldn’t believe his luck!

They had an interactive room with a bunch of activities, like this one where you could place the Tintin magnet on the country where the story took place

They also had pretty markers for me to play with 🙂

It was heaven for this boy!

We had to talk ourselves into leaving at the end of the week.  Knowing we were staying in Canada and could still get poutine made it a little easier.  How do we not have poutine in America?!